‘It was only half a dozen little fairy tales, but Jo had worked over them patiently, putting her whole heart into her work, hoping to make something good enough to print.’

Little Women: Louisa May Alcott

My  published work includes…


‘When They Say Love’ (Poem) in

Available from WA Poets Inc.

‘The Monster in the Garage’ (Poem) in

Available from Amazon

‘Letters’ (Poem) and ‘Settling the Score’ (Short Story) in

Available from Celapene Press


‘Fit to Write?’ (Article) in

Available from the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW


Kid’s Book Review Short Stories: Neighbours Like You

Kids’ Book Review Short Stories: Secret Ninja

Kids’ Book Review Short Stories: Back to School Blues

Kids’ Book Review Short Stories: From Gran with Love

Charlotte Duncan Award 2013 Commended: Where’s Osama?

Charlotte Duncan Award 2010 First Prize: The Secret of My Success

Charlotte Duncan Award 2009 Third Prize: My Dad’s An Astronaut


The Caterpillar: Brussels Sprouts Blues

University of Liverpool: Rosie, the Erythrocyte

Australian Children’s Poetry: Shakira the Friendly Dog

Australian Children’s Poetry: One Little Raindrop

Australian Children’s Poetry: Dad’s Night to Cook

Australian Children’s Poetry: Purple Predicament

Australian Children’s Poetry: Drum Dreams

Right Now: They leave by night

Narrator Australia: Slides

Narrator Australia: Podiatrist

The Electrical Discounter: Tantrum Tim (A Cautionary Tale)

The Electrical Discounter: Pyramid

My work has appeared in commercial magazines…

….and in smaller publications.