Published Writing

‘It was only half a dozen little fairy tales, but Jo had worked over them patiently, putting her whole heart into her work, hoping to make something good enough to print.’

Little Women: Louisa May Alcott

Recently¬† published work includes…


‘Letters’ (Poem) and ‘Settling the Score’ (Short Story)


ST2013_cover_bsAvailable from Celapene Press


‘Fit to Write?’ (Article)


utww-cover-smlAvailable from the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW


Kid’s Book Review Short Stories: Neighbours Like You

Kids’ Book Review Short Stories: Secret Ninja

Kids’ Book Review Short Stories: Back to School Blues

Kids’ Book Review Short Stories: From Gran with Love

Charlotte Duncan Award 2013 Commended: Where’s Osama?

Charlotte Duncan Award 2010 First Prize: The Secret of My Success

Charlotte Duncan Award 2009 Third Prize: My Dad’s An Astronaut


Australian Children’s Poetry: Shakira the Friendly Dog

Australian Children’s Poetry: One Little Raindrop

Australian Children’s Poetry: Dad’s Night to Cook

Australian Children’s Poetry: Purple Predicament

Australian Children’s Poetry: Drum Dreams

Right Now: They leave by night

Narrator Australia: Slides

Narrator Australia: Podiatrist

The Electrical Discounter: Tantrum Tim (A Cautionary Tale)

The Electrical Discounter: Pyramid

My work has appeared in commercial magazines…

Magazine stories 1

….and in smaller publications.