Shakira the Friendly Dog

Yellow Dog

Australian Children’s Poetry website recently published my poem, Shakira the Friendly Dog. I wrote this poem some time ago but, like many a rejected piece, it lay forgotten in a folder.   In response to one of the weekly prompts on the website, I dug it out again.

I’ve submitted several poems to this website. The editor responds quickly, making it one of my favourite websites.  I love the thought of having been published alongside respected writers such as Di Bates and Jenny Erlanger. If you are having trouble finding a market for your poetry, this is a good place to send your work. Perhaps you know of other websites currently seeking submissions.

Do kids like poetry?

Let’s face it, markets for children’s poetry are scarce. Whether this indicates kids’ lack of interest in poetry or a learned distaste on the part of the adult publishers of children’s literature is debatable. Children need poetry for many reasons, says Crystal Sands in her Huffington Post article, including the development of language, creativity and critical thinking.

Most of all though, children like poetry because it’s fun. Think nursery rhymes, limericks, rhyming picture books. My generation remembers ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ by Edward Lear but this article from the Times Literary Supplement reviews more up-to-date examples of children’s poetry. I intend looking up some of the references.

What are your favourite children’s poems or websites?


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