MeditationI’ve just discovered another wonderful author. Her name is Jen Storer and I first heard her interviewed on a recent So you want to be a writer podcast. Her story of how she became a writer prompted me to find her on the net. She has a number of websites  but the best one for writers is Girl and Duck where she shares her insights from writing numerous children’s books including the Truly Tan series.

Truly inspiring. This blog is not only a wonderful resource but it’s wonderfully funny to read.

Jen Storer dabbles in drawing and creates handmaid books for students in her writing courses. She posts videos of her creative efforts on her blog and reckons experimenting with art can help with the writing process.  I’m willing to give anything a go so I’ve ordered the drawing book she recommended. I also rushed to my local library to borrow several of her books.  Norman Does Nothing was the first to be devoured…Norman Does Nothing

to be followed by…Danny Bestand…Truly Tan


Jen Storer embodies her three Ps approach to writing: passion, perseverance and patience. After reading her posts, I realised I’m a little low on all three but I’m hoping some of her tips might help me kickstart my writing practice once more.

Another idea I came across this week is on AC Fuller’s podcast.  This is about the power of meditation to clear distractions from your mind and improve writing flow. Ten minutes or so of meditation practised immediately before the writing session is thought to have a positive effect on the quality and quantity of writing produced. I’ve tried it only once so I can’t say yet whether I agree although the health benefits of meditation are well recognised.

How do you re-inspire your creative process when the going gets tough?


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