New Year Greetings

Happy New Year!



2015 began well for me with the news that Kids’ Book Review accepted my short story Back to School Blues for their KBR Short Stories section.

KBR is a fantastic website that promotes great literature for kids via book reviews, author interviews, competitions and more but it is also a wonderful resource for writers. In particular, KBR Short Stories provides opportunities for writers to showcase their work to KBR readers who might include those industry professionals we would like to impress.

Having my story accepted came at just the right time as I was going through one of those ‘why-are-you-wasting-your-time?why-don’t-you-do-some-community-work-instead?’ moments of self-doubt. Every writer has them. Every writer.  Unless you are Stephen King or any other best-selling author, writing is about a steady diet of rejections, spiced up with a sprinkling of acceptances.

It might be the only thing I have published this year, but it will help mitigate the self-doubt, at least for a while. And just to prove my previous point, the same week this story was accepted, another was rejected.

Chapter after ChapterIn  Chapter after Chapter, Heather Sellers gives some useful advice about rejection:

Rejection is, after all, simply mail.


The rejection note means only one thing: You’re a writer engaging in the publication process.

And, finally…

This note has nothing to do with your writing life.

In other words, we write because we have to, whether or not we are published.

(By the way, this recently discovered gem is now one of my favourite motivational books for writers.)

I hope 2015 is full of writing success, whatever that means to you.

What are your writing goals for 2015?


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