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I often talk about the wonderful author and writing teacher, Jen Storer, and her advice about ways to boost your creativity and inspire your writing practice. At Girl and Duck this incredibly generous author shares her expertise with those who love writing for children and long to get published.

The advice you’ll find at Girl and Duck is not that touted over and over again in the how-to books.  Jen’s blog posts offer insights from her first hand experience of the creative process. She knows how to achieve that thing we all crave: publication.

How to subscribe

Q and Q

A few months back, I subscribed to Girl and Duck email updates and (so I thought) to the weekly Q and Q (Q&A for ducks) videos, but while the email updates came through, the link to the videos didn’t.

Initially, I subscribed at the bottom of the Blog page. Afterwards, I found out that if you go to the About page a subscription window pops up. Subscribing here is how to get access to the videos.

I now have seven videos to watch all about my favourite topic with my new favourite presenter. Oh joy!

If you want to write for children, start your journey by subscribing to Girl and Duck.

What’s your current favourite writing resource?