All good things must come to an end…

Good thingsWhile I was busy finishing this month’s short story for Kids’ Book Review (KBR), I failed to notice that the website is no longer accepting submissions for the rest of the year.  Citing time constraints, the team hope to  again offer aspiring writers the opportunity to have their stories published during 2016.

KBR is the voluntary project of a group of industry professionals who know everything there is to know about writing and publishing for children. Daily blog posts review new children’s books from picture books to YA fiction. Because I visit the site every day, I’m always able to suggest a suitable gift or direct friends to the website for information about what to buy their young ones.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the KBR team for their support so far. I’m really proud to have had four of my stories published on their  wonderful website.

Although I won’t get to complete my self-challenge to submit a short story every month, I intend to write the stories to the original deadlines anyway. Each story was to have been submitted by the 25th of the previous month. There are only two more themes left: October’s theme is ‘house’ and November’s theme is ‘summer’.

The discipline is helping me create a regular work habit. When I show up to write, so do the ideas and the solutions to the story problems that inevitably arise. Now I have a bank of material to rework and resubmit somewhere else.

Last week, one such piece, Drum Dreams, was accepted by Australian Children’s Poetry. This website welcomes submissions for its ‘Poem of the Day’ and Editor Teena Raffa-Mulligan provides a quick response. The useful information and links are more reasons to visit this site.

Finding markets for children’s literature is challenging, but occasionally something new emerges.  The Caterpillar is an Irish print magazine open to short stories and poetry submissions for children aged 7-11. Submissions are accepted by email or post.  Expect to wait around four months for a response.  The magazine is also running a short story competition closing 30 September 2015.

I’ll keep sharing resources and opportunities as I find out about them.

What new writing opportunities have you discovered recently?


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